Little Things

Monday, April 23, 2012

Playing House

I sit here this evening on a very comfy couch; a couch that I have often fallen asleep on; a couch that is all-consuming; a couch at a dear family's house.  I am playing house this week. I am listening to the breeze blowing through the trees in the backyard.
I'm here, playing house, realizing that 2 months from today I will be in my own place...I mean OUR own place.  As husband and wife; for lack of better words, doing house.
I love this thought, and I just thought I would share that thought with you.  (Never before have a written a sentence with the word 'thought' three times.  It's probably against grammatical rules, I know Grandma will not be proud of this, but I'm hoping she lets it slide this time). I have been blessed with all kinds of activities that I have failed to blog about lately: our spring break outreach, a beautiful bridal shower with family and friends, almost finishing college by taking my last college exam ever (4 days of internship left to be exact), wedding planning, and potentially having our place picked out.  (I say potentially, but I am hoping that my impatience will end tomorrow and we will hear our answer.) I am not sure when we find out, but I am sure that I am IMPATIENTLY waiting.  
I will do my best to blog about some of these spectacular events this week while I get to sit on this wonderful couch.  Happy Monday!